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NEEDS for Distributors - Feature List

Master (Creation / Modification / Deletion )


  •  Customer Account
  • Vendor / Supplier account
  • General ledger account
  • Employee account
  • Stock Items
  • Groups of final statements
  • Summary codes ( Tax codes, Sales rep code etc., )


Transactions ( Add / Edit / Delete )




  •  Sales
  • Purchase
  • Sales return
  • Purchase return
  • Receipt with bill wise allocation ( Bank and Cash)
  • Payment with bill wise allocation ( Bank and Cash)
  • Credit note
  • Debit note
  • Journal Entry
  • Multiple accounting transaction entry



  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Sales return
  • Purchase return
  • Credit note
  • Debit note
  • Stock transfer


Opening Balances
  • Opening pending bills entry
  • Unallocated receipts entry


House keeping
  • Reconcilation ( reposting of transaction to update master databases)
  • Creating Transaction files
  • Rebuilding index files
  • Creating register codes (creating Sale , purchase, Sales return, purchase return, Bank, cash type codes for automatic updation of related accounts when a transaction is made. For ex. A sale type register code may update sales A/c, Tax account, Packing forwarding account, Postage account etc., when sale is made )
  • Clean files ( To permanently delete all the blank records and those marked for deletion )


  • A/c Query ( On screen facility to extract the ledger of any account )
  • Day books
    • Cash book
    • Bank book
    • Purchase register
    • Sales register
    • Purchase return register
    • Sales return register
    • Journal register ( Document wise credit and debit posting details)
  • Ledger  ( Date wise and month wise )
  • Trial balance ( Opening, closing, month wise balances of  sundry debtor, sundry creditor and general ledger accounts)
  • Trading A/c, Profit and Loss a/c and Balance sheet ( with details or summary)
  • Interest and TDS report
  • Item Ledger ( Information on opening, inward and outward of stock items  for a single or range of stock items for specific period)
  • Stock register ( Summary of the items wise stock  with opening, closing stock values)
  • Pending Bills ( Print / view pending bills )
  • Age wise pending bills
  • Days wise pending bills
  • Town wise balance report
  • Town wise party wise balance report
  • Town wise party wise bill wise balance report
  • Reminder letter
  • Salesman target achieved
  • Bill wise receipt allocation report
  • Printing address labels of customer / vendors


Address Diary (To maintain and print addresses)


Create / modify / delete


  • Groups  ( eg. Doctors, Community, Engineers etc.,)
  • Titles     ( eg. Mr., Mrs., Dr. Er. Etc.,)
  • Name and Address with relating to one or more groups
  • Design Envelops ( Easy drag and drop option for setting the location of  address to be printed  with many printing options eg. Wedding cards envelops of different sizes )





Citywise, Districtwise, Statewise and/or group wise 

·         Address labels printing

·         Address List

·         Envelops

With an option to select / deselect the addresses to be printed