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NEEDS for Pawn Brokers - Feature List



  • Automatic creation of Pawner Ledger / Account when pledge entry is made with an option to save the photograph of the pawner, and the same will be displayed while releasing the pawnticket. This is  to ensure that the items will be delivered to the correct preson.,.
  • Creatin / modification / deletion of different type of articles  to be pledge  (Gold, Silver, Electronic items etc.,) with rate of interest to be charged on each type of item.
  • Creation / modification / deletion of different group as per need
  • Creation / modification / deletion of general ledger a/c.
  • Creation / modification / deletion of caste
  • Creation / modification / deletion of Village with Post , taluk and district


Transaction ( Add / Edit / Delete )


  • Pledge entry ( Making Pawn ticket ) type="circle">
  • Articles ( items)
  • Land and building
  • Promissory note
  • Saving certificates
  • Additional loan issued on Pawn ticket
  • Release entry  (when items pledge will be redeemed by the pawner)
  • Auction entry ( Unredeemed pawn ticket  articles will be sold on public auction as per law )
  • Receipts ( for making entries on cash /bank receipt on pledge or otherwise)
  • Part release
  • Payment ( for making  entries on cash /bank Payment )
  • Journal Entries
  • Debit Notes
  • Credit Notes


    Opening Balances ( Transaction carried out before the beginning of financial year and are pending )


    • Pledge entry ( Making Pawn ticket )
    • Additional loan issued on Pawn ticket
    • Receipts





    • Reposting of  transactions
    • Backup and  restore of data
    • Building index files ( for creating index files )
    • Clean files ( for deleting all the blank records and those which have marked for deletion)
    • Delete data (for deleting  data records up to a specific date )
    • Configuration  ( for setting various options like Backup drive, autobackup on exit from the application , menu animation,  changing password etc., )
    • Transferring data to next financial year


    Other Utilities


    • Index Register ( Searching pending pawn tickets ) on Pawner
      • Name
      • Lastname
      • Village
      • Pawn ticket Amount
      • Post
      • Taluk
      • District
      • Date of the pawn ticket
      • Code
    • Personal Addresses ( Creating / deleting / printing )
      • Creating with type of relation ( eg. Business, personal, community, relative etc.,)
      • Printing address labels of the personal addresses ( all  or on type of relation)






    • Printing Pawn ticket
    • Interest calculation report
    • Statement of account (Ledger)
    • List of Sharafi Accounts
    • Auction Reserve account
    • H Form
    • Receipt voucher / Advice
    • Payment voucher /advice
    • Debit / Credit notes
    • Day book ( includes both cash and bank entries )
    • Pledge book ( Details of pledge, part receipt /release, release / auction  as per law)
    • Auction register catalogue wise ( showing the details of unredeemed items auctioned at public auction, with principle bid amount, name and address of bidder etc., )
    • Journal register ( showing the debit and credit entries created using JV Entry, Debit and credit notes, etc., )
    • Trial balance ( Opening, closing, month wise balances of  sundry debtor, sundry creditor and general ledger accounts)
    • Profit and Loss statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Pre auction list ( a list of unredeemed pawn tickets pending for more than a month from the time agreed upon redemption.  Prepared before auctioning  process )
    • List of Pawn ticket (report containing the list of pawn tickets made up to the specified date and  pledge value )
    • Item wise pending pawn tickets list for creating catalogue ( eg. Gold, Silver etc.,)
    • Paid Excess list ( a list containing the pawn tickets which is marked as Paid excess while making pledge entry )
    • Release list ( list of all the pawn ticket which  has been redeemed for a specified range of days )
    • Reminder letter (to be sent to the pawners to redeem their articles pledged  with option to select a specific pawners and range of date the pawn tickets are pending)
    • Print Address (address labels of  catalogue wise or selected pawner )